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An Online Course To Help You Reduce Your Income Taxes...

...without wasting time, money, and effort - skip the guesswork AND become bullet-proof at tax time!

Our Biggest Expense in Life is Paying Taxes!


Stop paying so much income tax! 

Stop missing out on tax deductions!

Money Saved is Money Earned!

Here's what you'll learn inside this course:

The system to easily capture, track and record all your business activities!

Exactly what you are eligible to claim, and how to maximize them as tax deductions.

Effectively claim your Vehicle Use and Expenses, and all your Home Deductions!

Here's what you'll get inside this course:

Course Modules

I designed this course with the entrepreneur in mind! You can take just a few hours to go through it and immediately get to work! 

Worksheet Templates

You'll get all my calculation worksheets I use for Home Deductions, Travel Expenses AND the master template I use to record all expense receipts and summary reports. 

Live Zoom Call

There’s no fluff in this course, I care about your RESULTS! So much that if you feel you need help, I'll be here for you! 

Plus, you'll also get this
Special Bonus!

The "Tax Savings Estimator" App!

With the course you will receive my exclusive App (for IOS or Android)

This is a powerful tool! Simply input your estimated numbers and let the built-in calculator do the work for you! This is covered in the course!

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This Course is Easy To Follow
and Quick To Implement!

An Easy Step-By-Step System To Help Organize Your Home Based Business and Ensure You Maximize All Your Tax Credits!

Perhaps you also struggle to get your head around all the tax benefits and requirements that come with operating a home business.
This course was created after more than 8 years of use and refinement in my own business.
Inside you will learn a simple, easy to follow, clear process to stay organized, maximize your tax credits and become bullet-proof in your record keeping!

Common Questions

For many years I went to my accountant with a shoe box of receipts. In 2010 things changed. I lost my job and became a serious full-time home based entrepreneur. It was at that time, I needed a simple, clear, organized system to keep track of my records and receipts, and be ready for tax time.  

With the advice of my accountant, I have continued to refine and simplify this system. Now after 8 years I am making this system available for you in this course. 

You will learn the WHAT and the HOW to track and claim all your home business expenses, regardless if you have a mature business or just in start-up. You will receive the complete system that has taken me 8 years to perfect.   

With this system, you will maximize all your tax credits and be bullet-proof in your record keeping. In fact, I know you'll become so organized that you'll be your accountants best client! They'll be charging you less also!

This course is about RESULTS with the least amount of effort. It's created and used by a home based business entrepreneur with proven results.

These are the three big things you will learn from taking this course:  

  • Learn how you can legally save hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in taxes you already pay each year.
  • Understand all the business deductions that may be available to you.
  • Learn how to effectively and effortlessly track income and expenses to reduce taxable net income.

This course and system will assist you in organizing and tracking your business with ease, and have you ready to file your taxes. It is suggested you still hire an expert to file your taxes. 

One of the most significant benefits you can enjoy as a home based entrepreneur is the ability to claim expenses and reduce your overall taxable income in a calendar year, just like any other traditional business.

All you need to do is show that you have an intention to make a profit and that there is a possibility that you could. I will show you my full system and exactly how to use it.  

Having a full-time employment income is even better! While you continue with your employment income, use your home based "Side Hustle" as means to reduce your personal income tax. Remember, money saved is money earned! 

Are you missing out on any Tax Deductions? 

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"Doug has been coaching me to get my new home business organized. He really knows his stuff! I'm excited that he's finally put it all together in a course. "

Shanda Cormier

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